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Creating a mobile solution to manage thousands of clients in our sales process in less than 8 weeks is huge ask that POWERFUL IMPACT achieved.

Amanda L.

Your work is superb and your work is impeccable even when the asks are difficult to achieve.

Rachelle M.

POWERFUL IMPACT created a brand strategy for that led to an offer to buy our company

Juan C.

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You can have the most effective marketing and sales in the world but they’re worth nothing if you can’t deliver. Your brand will mean nothing when you fall short when it comes to delivery. Delivery is all about fulfilling your brand promise. It’s

Sales is the lifeblood of your business.   Sales creates revenue. It ties all of your business activities together to the bottomline.    It goes without saying that your business can’t grow without sales.    In order to thrive, you need to have a sales process

Marketing for Business Growth Even though marketing is complicated, people often overcomplicate marketing.  Marketing, simply put, is the ongoing process of aggregating attention for the purpose of generating interest or a lead. Everything you do to promote your business falls under marketing.  Yes, even

Building Your Brand As an entrepreneur, you know how important building your brand is. The first thing that you probably did when you were trying to start your business was get your logo designed. You were obsessed about getting that logo everywhere. On

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