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At POWERFUL IMPACT, we help our clients experience Growth Without Chaos™ by engineering proven marketing & operational growth solutions so clients can focus on their core activities.

POWERFUL IMPACT is seeking a Head of Growth that is both analytical and creative – a data-driven leader that can use technology to build and manage a comprehensive marketing plan, while at the same time leveraging their keen eye for design to become the custodian of everything that makes our brand special. 

This candidate will be responsible for acquisition, activation, retention, and revenue. They will design the company’s growth strategy, manage the team to coordinate and execute these tactically, increase brand awareness, expand our lead flow, optimize the revenue funnel, and manage both the short-term and long-term outcomes internally for the firm and for our clients as well. 

Although many growth roles focus on product, our role is focused on marketing, service, and operations. 



  • Define the company’s growth objectives and manage the development, growth, and synergy of company-owned brands.
  • Lead the strategy and execution to acquire Mid Market (80%) and Enterprise (20%) businesses across our ideal client profiles.
  • Implement a framework for prioritizing growth-specific product improvements and prioritizing growth initiatives and product changes.
  • Build out a healthy and economical acquisition channel portfolio to grow our B2B client database (leads), build a brand, warm up B2B leads, and stimulate conversions.
  • Collaborate effectively with Sales to perform sales enablement activities, marketing automation, and mid and bottom-of-the-funnel activities to nurture leads and promote closings. 
  • Own analytics across the entire funnel/CRM (inbound and outbound), and deliver critical reporting on time to the CEO to fuel optimization. Automate reporting and ensure we are best using resources/budgets.
  • Develop the thought leadership positioning of both our company and the CEO to support company-wide growth.
  • Experience in content creation, thought leadership, positioning, and organic growth. Support in creating high-value and fact-based high-quality content and/or editing content from others, and/or working with freelancers and agencies.
  • Work with different departments to identify growth opportunities throughout the entire company.
  • Find new strategic partnerships, both large and small, with a focus on growing the customer base.
  • Improve our brand identity, and become the gatekeeper of the POWERFUL IMPACT brand.
  • Lead, develop, inspire and expand a growth-minded team. 
  • Work with a variety of stakeholders across sales, finance, marketing, development, operations, and customer success to make sure plans and projects are communicated accordingly.
  • Evaluate the results and make adjustments.
  • Ensure consistency across all brand-related touchpoints.


  • Leadership experience in a growth marketing role, or someone who’s been solely responsible for growth at their company and now looking for their first managerial role
  • Demonstrable experience in ROI-driven B2B growth marketing
  • Experience with performance marketing, campaign targeting, testing measurement, and optimization across channels: paid social, paid search, content, video, organic, SEO, referral, offline, etc.; and hands-on experience with marketing automation in B2B funnels
  • Advanced user of analytics tools – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Heatmapping
  • The ability to think deeply about marketing and brand strategy
  • Strong attention to design and detail
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work with diverse teams

If interested, please submit an application at the link below: