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The House of Judah (THOJ)

The House of Judah (THOJ)

The House of Judah is a non-profit religious organization whose mission is to build stable families, couples, men and women through various ministries. THOJ provides worship, counseling, and self-development services to those who want to experience individual and spiritual growth.


The House of Judah wanted to remove the roadblocks to their growth. They looked for a partner in Powerful Impact to start working on their goal of aligning their brand with their current growth so they can move to the next level of their journey.


Powerful Impact launched a brand alignment program for The House of Judah. The program included helping them redesign 5 brands, 10 brand extensions, and 4 web executions. We also developed a programmatic framework and fine-tuned their SMS messaging campaigns. To support the rebranding, it was necessary to boost THOJ’s marketing infrastructure with the implementation of a new CRM system and other improvements.